ART & CRAFT - Iva Mihanović
21 June – 17 July 2022

Exhibition design: Iva Mihanović, Aldo Čavić, Vilma Matulić, Andrea Devlahović
Graphic design: Viktor Popović

Academic sculptor Iva Mihanović creates sculptures that reflect the power of perception and enhanced intuition. Her sculptures are light objects. The starting point are the forms of geometric predetermination with a clear order, clean proportions, and what continuously presents a new challenge, sort of a game, is the juggling with numerous possibilities of “cheating” the symmetry. Each ball, or some other sculptural body, is a polygon for unlimited play with variations in shifts, breaks and transformation of the parts of a sculptural body.

Stan Coenders was always interested in the position of art and artists in society. He founded several projects (WaddenArt, MeetingInZdonov) with the specific aim to find out, through real and well financed, well organized and documented art events, how a rural conservative society would accept artists with a different view, a different creativity, and at the same time how artists, young and experienced, position themselves in such an environment.

Towns under the town: Exhibition of photographs by Vilma Matulić
15 – 30 June 2022 (Jerolim Gallery)
1 – 31 July 2022 (Bikarija Gallery)

Exhibition design: Vilma Matulić, Aldo Čavić, Andrea Devlahović
Graphic design: Viktor Popović

Extensive rescue archaeological excavations in the streets and squares of Stari Grad, which are still ongoing and precede a significant project of building a drainage and water supply system in the Stari Grad area, daily uncovered, in fact actually peeled off, the residual, dense layers of the former life of towns that had grown and decayed in the same place. At the moment, everything discovered so far has been covered with earth again. If it weren’t for Vilma Matulić, a conservator-restorer from the Stari Grad Museum, we would be left without a testimony of those great moments of direct contact with the towns under the town. From May 2021 to May 2022, Vilma used her camera to monitor the archaeological excavations and record, not only the archaeological remains, but also the excitement of discovering the ancient past, an excitement that gripped archaeologists and passers-by alike. The exhibition of Vilma Matulić’s photographs invites you to vicariously take part in this journey into the depths of Stari Grad’s well of the past.


Jakov Bratanić 1912 – 2001
JAKOV BRATANIĆ 1912 – 2001
7 August – 30 September 2021

Curator: Biserka Rauter-Plančić
Graphic design: Viktor Popović

The exhibition presented a total of 40 paintingss from the studio legacy of Jakov Bratanić, created between 1951 and 1979, and was indeed a kind of critical retrospective that reminded the public of an exceptional and unique opus. Stari Grad Museum, which takes care of the promotion of the cultural and artistic heritage of Stari Grad and the surrounding area, including Bratanić’s native Vrbanj, organized this exhibition on the 20th anniversary of the painter’s death.

Print-and-poetry portfolio "Homage to Tonko Maroević"
20 – 31 July 2021

Exhibition design: Aldo Čavić, Andrea Devlahović, Vilma Matulić
Graphic design: Viktor Popović

The exhibition presented print-and-poetry portfolio “Homage to Tonko Maroević” donated to Stari Grad Museum by its publisher, the Biškupić Collection. The portfolio was published on September 25, 2020 in the Vid edition, which is founded, edited and graphically designed by Božo Biškupić. This is a collectors’ edition of the Biškupić Collection, printed in a limited number of 57 copies. In addition to the Crown of sonnets by Luko Paljetak, which reflect the entire life of Tonko Maroević, the portfolio also includes graphic prints by thirty-three Croatian artists who told their experience of Tonko Maroević through various graphic techniques.

The seafront (and boats) through the 20th century
29 January 2021 – online

Exhibition design: Vilma Matulić, Andrea Devlahović, Aldo Čavić
Graphic design: Andrea Devlahović

Stari Grad Museum has a rich collection of postcards and photographs, and a special group consists of postcards of Stari Grad from the end of the 19th century until today. So far, the Museum has presented some parts of the collection, and this online exhibition, on the museum’s official Facebook page, presents a selection of postcards of the Stari Grad’s seafront through the 20th century.

The exhibition was part of the Stari Grad Museum’s Night of Museums 2021 programme.