Posters of the Juraj Plančić Gallery of the Stari Grad Museum (2003-2019)
31 January 2020

Exhibition design: Aldo Čavić, Andrea Devlahović, Vilma Matulić
Graphic design: Andrea Devlahović

Although the Stari Grad Museum is a relatively young institution, founded in 2007, the exhibition activity of the Juraj Plančić Gallery (today part of the Museum) has a long tradition. The exhibition Posters of the Juraj Plančić Gallery of the Stari Grad Museum (2003-2019) presents a selection of posters of numerous and diverse exhibitions held in the selected period from 2003 to 2019 at the Stari Grad Museum and the former Stari Grad Culture Centre (of which Museum is the successor).

The exhibition was part of the Stari Grad Museum’s Night of the Museums programme, held under the theme Great anniversaries of Croatian museums.


Fishermen and shipbuilders from the island of Hvar in the New World
31 July – 30 September 2019

Exhibition author: Branka Bezić Filipović
Exhibition design: Stari Grad Museum
Graphic design: Viktor Popović

The exhibition is dedicated to the fishermen and shipbuilders from the island of Hvar, who left behind a significant trace worldwide. Fishermen’s stories about the eternal struggle of the man and the sea are built in within every pore of their descendants. Many lives were lost in this unsafe business that gave daily bread to many families from Hvar who lived by the far away oceans. In spite of lacking formal education, they had the knowledge to sail and to build ships. Most of them were living on the US Pacific Coast or in New Zealand, and a few in the Gulf of Mexico and Australia.

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Split-Dalmatia County, Central State office for Croats Abroad, Stari Grad Municipality, Hvar Waterworks and the Stari Grad Tourist Board.

Goran Dužević: Twilights
28 June – 25 July 2019

Exhibition design: Aldo Čavić
Photographs: Bojan Brecelj
Graphic design: Viktor Popović

With his new paintings Goran Dužević reveals in a new way his homeland and abstraction, the essential elements of his artistic creation. In his paintings, this close connection with his island Hvar and the seascapes point to the fascinating expression of his artistic creative power. In his works he introduces the imagination of what is otherwise not seen. He evokes the essence of the landscape to the observer. The paintings reveal the emergence of the earthly paradise. They reveal his homeland and his soul through which the archetypes of nature pass through. That’s why his art is so authentic and convincing.

Goran Dužević was born in 1956. Sixteen years of his life he spent in Skopje, Macedonia, where he completed high school and university, but he spent most of his time in Berlin, Germany where he moved in 1992. He was awarded many scholarships and awards, and was also a scenographer for theatrical performances. Behind him there are more than 50 solo exhibitions, as well as numerous group exhibitions in galleries, museums and other public institutions. Since 2014, he lives and works in Stari Grad, in his studio “Art to go”.

Happy Easter! / Easter postcards from the first half of the 20th c.HAPPY EASTER! / EASTER POSTCARDS FROM THE FIRST HALF OF THE 20th C.
14 April – 30 May 2019

Exhibition design: Aldo Čavić, Andrea Devlahović, Veronika Gamulin
Graphic design: Viktor Popović

In addition to many traditions that occur on Easter, the custom of congratulations and exchange of good wishes is also important. With the innovations in the global postal system, and especially the appearance of the postage stamp in 1840 in the United Kingdom, sending of letters and postcards became easy and affordable. The custom of sending Easter postcards to relatives, friends and acquaintances occurred in the late 19th and early 20th century. These postcards testify to the very lively correspondence of that period and were often the only communication between people separated by great distances.

The exhibition presents a selection from the Stari Grad Museum’s postcard collection containing more than fifty Easter postcards from the first half of the 20th century. Most of them belonged to the collections of teacher Katinka Fabrio and the Ružević family.

Konstantin Đuričković: BogovnikKONSTANTIN ĐURIČKOVIĆ: BOGOVNIK
1 February 2019

With the exhibition Bogovnik, young artist Konstantin Đuričković, from Novi Sad, Serbia, explores virtual reality and digital paganism as well as the relationship of symbols and objects through the prism of Old Slavic mythology. His deities are a combination of digital prints with symbols that represent their mythological stories and three-dimensional totems, reanimated through the AndroidTM app and VR headsets.

The exhibition was part of the Stari Grad Museum’s Night of the Museums programme, held under the theme Museums – Innovation and digital future.