The seafront (and boats) through the 20th century
29 January 2020 – online

Exhibition design: Vilma Matulić, Andrea Devlahović, Aldo Čavić
Graphic design: Andrea Devlahović

Stari Grad Museum has a rich collection of postcards and photographs, and a special group consists of postcards of Stari Grad from the end of the 19th century until today. So far, the Museum has presented some parts of the collection, and this online exhibition, on the museum’s official Facebook page, presents a selection of postcards of the Stari Grad’s seafront through the 20th century.

The exhibition was part of the Stari Grad Museum’s Museums Night 2021 programme.


Enca Kovačević: Monographic exhibition
14 August – 16 September 2020

Curator: Biserka Rauter Plančić
Photographs: Zoran Alajbeg
Graphic design: Viktor Popović, Tin Burić

Refined tonal intimacy and genuine expression of compassion for a woman and her actual physicality are the artistic microworld of Enca’s painting. Her nudes, whether curled up in pain or longing for eros, or focused on invigorating torsos or thigh firmness, not only outline the spirit and body of a true woman, the provider of life pro futuro, but also mirror the author’s psychological and emotional state during creative act.

Enca Kovačević was born in Split in 1953. After finishing primary school, she enrolled at the School of Applied Arts in Split. She continued her painting studies in her home town, at the Pedagogical Academy, in the class of Professor Ante Kaštelančić, where she graduated in 1976. She became a member of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists – Split in 1980. In her first solo performance, she exhibited about twenty oil paintings and nudes that seem to have grown in colour and solidity from the harsh Mediterranean soil. Even then, she presented herself with a distinctive handwriting of associative charge, which is evidenced in all her previous exhibitions.

Tatjana Politeo: Retrospective – 20 Years
17 July – 10 August 2020

Curator: Sonja Švec Španjol
Exhibition design: Tatjana Politeo, Aldo Čavić
Photographs: Luka Mjeda, Vladimira Spindler, Ines Novković
Graphic design: Viktor Popović

This retrospective exhibition, which is the fruit of Tatjana Politeo’s twenty years in art, confirms that she is an artist with a natural sense for the logic of the composition of the whole and interpretation of the fullness of meaning of her chosen motif. Her works are multi-layered life-stories based on the intertwining of symbols, signs, motifs, texts, details and colours. Through the use of collage, mortar, acrylic paint, spray, pencils and pastels, she builds the world of pictorial atmosphere, almost tangible surfaces and rich, dynamic composition. High, but never superficial aesthetics of her works is brought about through the use of an abundance of interesting details in dynamic rhythm within the composition. The intense gesture of her strokes, expressiveness and unusual interconnections between the elements result in the impression of a childlike wonder at the world. Spontaneous and truthful artwork of Tatjana Politeo leads an intrigued observer to an adventurous expedition of releasing the breaks, opening borders and giving in to the pure visual realization of a playful and ludic imagination.

Tatjana Politeo was born in Zagreb in 1976. She graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design and the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She graduated from the Academy in 2003. She has exhibited her works at over forty independent exhibitions in Croatia and abroad and numerous group exhibitions. She has been participating in art symposia and workshops. She is a member of the Croatian Artists Association and Croatian Freelance Artists Association. She is living and working in Zagreb.

Zvonimir Tanocki: 60 Days of Corona
1 June 2020 – online

Exhibition design: Vilma Matulić
Graphic design: Andrea Devlahović

Online exhibition, on the official Facebook page of the Stari Grad Museum, presents a selection of black and white photographs of this versatile photographer from Vinkovci, taken in the period from 1979 to the present, in different series and with different themes. From his archive (which numbers more than 500 thousand photographs), the author selected photographs from his genre-diverse opus – from portraits, documentary and art photographs, presenting them in diary format and with humorous comments, and in a way giving them a new interpretation, following daily events in the two-month turbulent period of the global coronavirus disease pandemic COVID-19, from 25 March to 24 May.

Zvonimir Tanocki started working in photography in 1974, and so far he has exhibited in about three hundred group and forty solo exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. Today he works as a professional freelance artist-photographer, and his specialties are aerial photography and filming of cultural, historical and natural heritage of Croatia. He is the author and co-author of a number of monographs, tourist brochures, exhibition catalogues, calendars, school textbooks, scientific papers; he worked on permanent exhibitions in museums, business and public spaces, and fairs.

Posters of the Juraj Plančić Gallery of the Stari Grad Museum (2003-2019)
31 January 2020

Exhibition design: Aldo Čavić, Andrea Devlahović, Vilma Matulić
Graphic design: Andrea Devlahović

Although the Stari Grad Museum is a relatively young institution, founded in 2007, the exhibition activity of the Juraj Plančić Gallery (today part of the Museum) has a long tradition. The exhibition Posters of the Juraj Plančić Gallery of the Stari Grad Museum (2003-2019) presents a selection of posters of numerous and diverse exhibitions held in the selected period from 2003 to 2019 at the Stari Grad Museum and the former Stari Grad Culture Centre (of which Museum is the successor).

The exhibition was part of the Stari Grad Museum’s Museums Night 2020 programme, held under the theme Great anniversaries of Croatian museums.