Stari Grad Museum takes care of thirteen collections, each of which keeps valuable material on the history of Stari Grad and the island of Hvar. Thematically, collections can be divided into four main divisions, namely the archaeological, ethnographic, historical and artistic collections.

Archaeological division consists of four collections: archaeological, hydro-archaeological, numismatics and collection of stone monuments and mosaics.

Archaeological collection consists mostly of items found during the various archaeological excavations in the area of Stari Grad, from the time of prehistoric settlement (6th and 5th century BC), the period of the Greek city of Pharos (4th – 2nd c. BC) to the Roman and later Pharia (1st c. BC – 7th c. AD).

Hydro-archaeological collection consists of the cargo of the late Roman shipwreck found in Duboka bay, on the northern coast of the island, and these are mostly amphorae and fragments of ship equipment.

Numismatics collection consists of several hundred coins found during the archaeological excavations in Stari Grad.

The collection of stone monuments and mosaics mostly consists of items found during archaeological research on the site of Remete vrt (Pharos archaeological site) ie. the part of the site with the remains of the Early Christian twin churches of St John and St Mary.

Ethnographic collection consists of items from everyday island life, as well as items related to the economy, especially the wine and olive oil production. The collection is dislocated in the west wing of Hektorović’s Tvrdalj.

Historical division consists of five collections: maritime collection, a collection of civic life, collection of books, written and printed documents and a collection of postcards.

Maritime collection preserves various items that evoke the rich maritime history of Stari Grad. The collection of civic life is largely made up of the furniture and other items from the salon of the Gelineo Bervaldi family, who bequeathed it to Stari Grad. Collection of books contains personal library of painter Bartol Petrić, numerous magazines and books. The collection of written and printed documents is a collection of many posters and various prints while the collection of postcards contains more than 2000 cards, postcards and photographs acquired by donation and purchase. A special group consists of postcards of Stari Grad from the 19th century to the present.

Artistic division is made up of four collections: the Bartol Petrić collection, the Juraj Plančić collection and the Magda Dulčić collection, consisting of works of the three famous artists from Stari Grad and Fine arts collection that contains paintings, sculptures, graphics by renowned Croatian artists, as well as numerous local artists.