[BOOK PRESENTATION] Dalmatian Seafaring in the 19th century

Mateo Bratanić: Dalmatian Seafaring in the 19th century - the Island of Hvar in Transition
Dear friends and visitors,

we are pleased to invite you to the presentation dr. sc. Mateo Bratanić’s book Dalmatian Seafaring in the 19th century: the Island of Hvar in Transition on Friday, 13 August at 9pm at the Stari Grad Museum (garden of the Biankini Palace).

The book uses a case study system to analyse the maritime affairs of the island of Hvar in the 19th century in the context of the maritime affairs of Dalmatia, but also the wider Mediterranean area, as well as globalization trends that prevailed in the world at that time. The central premise of the book is how the transition from sailing to steamshipping marked a turning point and a break that stopped the millennial tendencies of maritime activity. The transition was not a one-way process, but it, paradoxically, indicated the conjuncture of sailing, which rapidly disappeared before the onslaught of new technology – steam-powered ships. The transition implies numerous changes that are not only of an economic nature but also affect the social, cultural and worldview aspects of life. In the middle of the century, Hvar’s merchant shipping entered the system of international trade, where it operated sovereignly in the Mediterranean, but also in other world seas and oceans. In this context, Hvar shipowners occupy important points – branches in the Mediterranean from where they trade and transport goods for their own and others’ needs.

The book, co-published by the University of Zadar and Stari Grad Museum, will be presented by the author as well as by dr. sc. Mladen Domazet and the director of the Museum dr. sc. Aldo Čavic.

We look forward to your visit!

In accordance with the current necessary epidemiological measures for the prevention of COVID-19 infection for the Split-Dalmatia County, the presentation will be held in the museum garden, and the event can be attended by a maximum of 50 visitors. We therefore invite all interested visitors to come to the Museum on time, as entry will be limited, in accordance with the measures and the Approval for the event issued by the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Stari Grad Municipality.
Furthermore, the use of face masks indoors and when it is not possible to maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 m outdoors is mandatory.
Visitors are kindly asked to adhere to all epidemiological measures and to be responsible to themselves and to others.