Museum Night 2021 in Stari Grad MuseumStari Grad Museum is again participating in the Museum Night, which will take place on Friday, January 29, starting at 6pm. Because of the special circumstances, Museum Night’s entire programme will take place online, on the museum’s Facebook page.

For the first time, for this digital Museum Night, three island’s public museums – Stari Grad Museum, Jelsa Municipal Museum and Hvar Heritage Museum are collaborating on a joint event!

Based on the appeal of the Croatian Museum Association, island’s museums are jointly organizing a charity event whose goal is to raise funds for our colleague from Sisak Municipal Museum who was left without a family home in Petrinja due to the catastrophic earthquake which hit central Croatia on December 29, 2020. The event is organised as a multi-day online sales exhibition – auction, and sale of publications. Stari Grad Museum will put up for auction ten printed and framed photographs, Jelsa Municipal Museum ten printed and framed reproductions of old postcards, while Hvar Heritage Museum will offer publications of choice without auction, i.e. at the usual price.

Stari Grad Museum joined forces with photographer Marko Vodanović for this charity a(u)ction. We present you ten photos from Marko’s OVERLAPS series, created in 2019 in Komiža on the island of Vis. The photographs (60 x 40 cm) are printed on 300g matte paper, glued to a solid wooden base, and framed in wooden frames (dimensions with frame 66 x 46 x 3.5 cm).

Marko Vodanović (1983), a self-taught painter and photographer, originally from Stari Grad, currently lives and works in Komiža on the island of Vis. He had his first solo exhibition of paintings in Stari Grad in 2005, in the church of St. John, and the second one was held in Stari Grad Museum in 2011. He exhibited his works several times at joint exhibitions at the Rudina art festival. He also exhibited at the Makarska 2013 group exhibition, and at the Hvar/UNESCO island group exhibition in Brussels, Stari Grad, Jelsa, Hvar and Zagreb. His solo exhibition Overlaps was shown in Dol and Komiža in 2020. For Christmas 2020, Croatian Post printed two of Marko’s photographs with motifs of nativity scene from Komiža in a special edition of postage stamps.
He has been collaborating with Stari Grad Museum for many years and his photographs are in numerous museum’s publications.

The auction will run from Friday, January 29, beginning at 6pm to Tuesday, February 2, until 10am Friday, February 5, until 2pm. The starting price of each photo is HRK 400, and you can leave your offer in the comments section below each photo. Winners will be given payment information after the auction. Based on the proof of payment, winners will be able to pick up their photo at the museum, or it will be sent by mail (on the territory of Croatia) where Stari Grad Museum will cover the shipping costs.

For the rest of the programme we’re presenting two interesting virtual exhibitions!

Seafront (and boats) through the 20th century
Stari Grad Museum has a rich collection of postcards and photographs, and a special group consists of postcards of Stari Grad from the end of the 19th century until today. So far, the Museum has presented some parts of the collection, and on this occasion we are presenting a selection of postcards of the Stari Grad’s seafront through the 20th century.

Remembering recent past (looking like a dream today)
In 2016 Stari Grad celebrated 2400 years of its existence. That year, Stari Grad Museum was intensely engaged in the development and implementation of numerous programmes. In April that year, we set up an exhibition of photographs Hvar – UNESCO Island at the European Parliament in Brussels. During the summer we organized several other exhibitions: two exhibitions of great Croatian artists, originating from Stari Grad, Jadranka Fatur and Jagoda Buić and an exhibition on archaeological research in the Remete Garden (2009-2013) Faces of Pharos by Sara Popović, opened as part of the central celebration which took place in September of that year. Museum also organised an international scientific conference Pharos and Stari Grad Plain.

The highlight of the celebration was certainly the first edition of the maritime festival Days in the Bay, in whose organization Stari Grad Museum played an important role. For this occasion, recently deceased comic book author and illustrator Alem Ćurin made two posters, one of which was accepted as the official poster of the festival. Remembering Alem, we are now showing you the second one for the first time. In addition, we present you a small album of memories, as well as a short film about a few days in September 2016.

We wish to remember the joy of beautiful days, but also to show in these difficult times what Stari Grad can be and what, we hope, it will be when all this is over.

We invite you to follow our Facebook page in the coming days for all the details about the charity a(u)ction and exhibitions, and we hope that you will join us in another (this time virtual) Museum Night!