[LECTURE] Genesis of the noble Vranyczany family

Ambroz Vranyczany Sr.: The Tale of My FamilyDear friends and visitors,

we are pleased to invite you on Wednesday, August 12 at 9pm to the Stari Grad Museum (garden of the Biankini Palace) to the presentation of Ambroz Vranyczany’s book Pripovijest o svojoj obitelji (engl. The Tale of My Family) as well as a lecture entitled Genesis of the noble family Vranyczany – Ambroz Sr. (1779-1860) and Ambroz Jr. Vranyczany (1801-1870). The lecture will be given by Milovan Buchberger, who is the editor and publisher of the book.

In the preface to Ambroz Sr. Vranyczany’s autobiography, Milovan Buchberger cites him as the man who laid the foundations for the Vranyczany family’s business and gives a concise account of his life. Vranyczany dictated his autobiography to his scribe when he was 79 (in 1858), and the original text, allegedly written in Italian, is considered lost, but a transcript was made in 1907, which is still with the heirs of the family. This book was prepared according to the Croatian translation by Milan Vranyczany from 1960 and it is the first printed edition of this autobiography. The reason for the publication is the 240th anniversary of the birth of Ambroz Sr. Vranyczany, the founder of one of the most important and richest families of the second half of the 19th century in Croatia.

Milovan Buchberger (1954) is a mechanical engineer born in Zagreb. He conducts research and writes on topics he finds interesting. He is the author of the books Ribbon Speakers for Audio Fanatics and All Those Who Want to Become One (1996), Mate Botteri – Hvar Naturalist (2007), Jabuka, Sveti Andrija and Brusnik – Records, People and Memories (2008), Petar Nisiteo (1774-1866): on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the speech at the opening of the Lyceum in Gorica (2011), Stabbing into the chaos of Janko Polić Kamov (2013.), Everest 1924., Mallory and Irvine – a research study (2013) published in his own edition as well as Prominent people related to Stari Grad on Hvar (2014) and Petar Nisiteo: the last polyhistor of Dalmatia (2017.) published by the Stari Grad Museum.

We look forward to your visit!