Night of Museums 2019 in Stari Grad MuseumStari Grad Museum is celebrating the Night of Museums, which this year takes place on Friday, January 31, starting at 6pm.

This year the Night of Museums celebrates its 15th anniversary marking the great anniversaries of Croatian museums – the 200th anniversary of the Split Archaeological Museum, founded in 1820 and the 140th anniversary of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, founded in 1880. Night of Museums 2020 is an opportunity for Croatian museums to once again remind the public of the importance of “museum history, present and future”. Communicating various contents – from museum collections, professional, scientific, educational and entertaining contents to virtual tours of museum exhibits, historic buildings and protected heritage sites, application of digital technologies have opened up unprecedented possibilities for inspiration, interpretation, and presentation of museum contents.

Although the Stari Grad Museum is a relatively young institution, founded in 2007, the exhibition activity of the Juraj Plančić Gallery (today part of the Museum) has a long tradition. The exhibition Posters of the Juraj Plančić Gallery of the Stari Grad Museum (2003-2019) will present a selection of posters of numerous and diverse exhibitions held in the selected period from 2003 to 2019 at the Stari Grad Museum and the former Stari Grad Culture Centre (of which Museum is the successor).

Next, we will present an interactive exhibition Dry stone walls of Hvar island, set up as part of the international INNOCULTOUR project at the Stari Grad Museum. This installation presents, in an accessible way, the dry stone wall heritage of the island. Visitors can experience virtual walks through island’s four ethno villages and have fun building their own virtual dry stone wall thanks to an educational and interactive application.

Throughout the evening, the Museum’s permanent exhibition will as always be open to all, so dress warmly and come to the museum! Admission is (as always) free!