[ANNOUNCEMENT] INNOCULTOUR Project workshop “Ethno-eco villages”

As part of the INNOCULTOUR project and organized by JU RERA S.D. – one of the project’s five partners, two workshops will be held in the Stari Grad Museum on Monday 16 September, from 11am to 3pm.

The first workshop is aimed at improving the promotion and better presentation of the tourist offer of the ethno-eco village and the dry stone walls of the island of Hvar, and developing the museum offer. The second one is interactive, with the expected involvement of participants in discussing and communicating new ways of presenting the ethno-eco villages to tourists, and especially by using modern technology, some of which will be possible to test during the workshop.

Lecturers and topics:

  • Aldo Čavić – The historical framework of the inner areas of the island of Hvar (area of ethno-eco village) and its heritage
  • Ivo Duboković – STP approach in tourism product formation
  • Ivan Grgičević – Revitalisation of the Humac settlement on the island of Hvar
  • Ivan Zaninović – Piover Association and the Velo Grablje ethno-eco village

The INNOCULTOUR project (Innovation and Promotion of Adriatic Cultural Heritage as a Tourism Industry Driver) is capitalising on the experiences and best practices of previous projects in the same field of activity, with a focus on the experiences of the MUSEUMCULTOUR and ADRISTORICAL LANDS projects (funded by the Adriatic IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013). The main objective of the project is to contribute to a more even development of tourism through the revival, promotion and popularisation of lesser known sites of cultural heritage. With the active participation of representatives of the creative industries, local people and stakeholders who play a role in the management and promotion of these sites, INNOCULTOUR implements a promotional campaign aimed at young people (tourists) interested in experiencing cultural heritage and its hidden potentials. Through the project, the best practices for successful promotion of cultural heritage sites with related tourism content are implemented, which include the implementation of innovative smart ICT tools and the implementation of a virtual marketing campaign through social networks. A common challenge of all partners is to contribute to reducing the impact of seasonality, extending the tourist season and diversifying the tourist offer.

Check out the short film made as part of the INNOCULTOUR project – A journey through the ethno-eco villages of Hvar Island