[BOOK PRESENTATION] The Population of Stari Grad

Vinko Ružević: The Population of Stari Grad (2019)Dear friends and associates of the Stari Grad Museum,

we are pleased to invite you to the presentation of Vinko Ružević’s book The Population of Stari Grad on Wednesday, 14 August at 9pm in the Stari Grad Museum (garden of the Biankini palace).

The book (full title The Population of Stari Grad (with Rudina and Selca) – From the first genealogies in 1546 to mid-1946) is the result of years of research by attorney Vinko Ružević, one of the last living citizens of Stari Grad who shaped it’s cultural image in the second half of the 20th century.

The book deals with the inhabitants of the Stari Grad parish, and thus – in addition to Stari Grad – the inhabitants of Rudina and Selca, because, according to the author, it is impossible to separate these places, since families moved from one to another and settled in Stari Grad itself. This includes families from 1546 to mid-1946, their origins, complete genealogies, and baptismal names.

The second part of the book provides additional information such as the weddings with people from other places, the birth register of illegitimate children, the list of people who died and were buried, but only temporarily lived in Stari Grad, the list of unusual deaths and suicides, etc. Special attention is given to the events related to the cholera epidemic that erupted in 1855 with the list of the deceased. Particularly interesting is the chapter on the professions of the townspeople (1819-1946), which gives an insight into the structure of the population and the way of life.

Vinko Ružević was born in Stari Grad in 1927. The first year of high school he attended in Bol, but because of war, he continued his education at home and at the El Shatt refugee camp in Egypt. He completed the gymnasium in Split and continued with his education at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb where he graduated in 1953. After serving the military term, he started his internship and until the retirement he worked as an attorney in Stari Grad. During all this time he has been active in the community – he participated in the work of the Theatre Company, founded the Tourist Office where he worked for three years during the summer months. He participated in the work of the Centre for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Hvar, especially in the formation of the Juraj Plančić Gallery and the ethnographic collection. He wrote tourist guides, and in cooperation with the Centre occasional articles. Later he published articles in “Corona” about cultural monuments, important persons and events related to Stari Grad. He published My Memories and Recollections of Life in Pajiz about his childhood, education, fears during the war, and life in a refugee camp.

Besides the author, the book will be presented by academician Tonko Maroević, dr.sc. Mladen Domazet and the director of Stari Grad Museum dr.sc. Aldo Čavić.

We look forward to your visit!