Dance with the CaptainDear friends and visitors,

we invite you to Stari Grad Museum this Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 8.30pm to join us and dance with the captain!

While researching the archives of the Maritime Collection of the Stari Grad Museum, artist Edina Husanović and curator Veronika Gamulin found interesting information in the captains’ diaries. In the two-way migrations from Giurgiu (Romania) via Constantinople, Patras, Stari Grad to Venice, Newcastle and even New York, recorded in Captain Domenico Fabiani’s diary of 1878, there were also stories of the shipwreck of the barque Fidente, of tragic love and a gypsy curse.

Find out what is true and what is imagined in the performance by Edina Husanović who binds global politics, orientalism, spiritualism, dance, song and irony. Dance with the captain to DJ Ivan Nota and the guitar of Siniša Mitro! Edina Husanović is a multimedia artist, educator and researcher. Her interest in cultural politics and performance art led her to complete a PhD at the University of Reading in 2017. Her thesis Dis-Orient Express: Belly Dancing, Hybrid Identities and Performances of the Oriental Feminine Other deconstructed the politics of “Oriental Other” through the analysis of belly dance performances in various European geographies, along the route of the Orient Express. During the event at the museum, Edina will present some of her conclusions to anyone interested.

An interesting evening at the museum does not end with dancing! Read more about Hvar winter, a film following Dancing with the Captain.

The entrance is free!