Dream and MadnessDear visitors, associates and friends,

on Thursday, 8 August at 9pm at the Stari Grad Museum (garden of the Biankini Palace) Goran Matović and Tonko Maroević are staging a portrait of Tin Ujević entitled Dream and Madness.

The stage collage Dream and Madness is a recapitulation of the drama of the great Croatian poet and bohemian Tin Ujević. It is a special homage to Tin, and since 1976, when it premiered, the programme has toured in many cities of Croatia and abroad.

Goran Matović has played Dream and Madness, alone or in collaboration with Arsen Dedić, more than 1500 times. He was the screenwriter and protagonist of “Tinov povratak u Vrgorac” (directed by Petar Krelja) and “Pariški Tin”. The monograph “Dream and Madness” by academician Zvonimir Mrkonjić is dedicated to Matović’s interpretation of Ujević. He is the author of the projects “Gradovi Tina Ujevića”, the festival “With Tin in Vrgorac” and a dozen different programmes based on Ujević’s work.

Academician Tonko Maroević doesn’t need special introduction – he is researching contemporary Croatian art, publishes art criticisms and treatises, prefaces to catalogues and monographs. He is involved in literary work, translation and literary criticism. He published several independent poetry collections and compiled an anthology of Croatian poetry from 1971 to 1995. He is also the author of numerous art monographs. He has received numerous awards and honours for his work, including the Tin Ujević Prize for poetry.

The event is organised by the Stari Grad Municipality, Stari Grad Tourist Board and Stari Grad Museum, as part of the Stari Grad – Pharos Stone cradle of the first written word programme.

We look forward to your visit!