[ANNOUNCEMENT] KineDok in Stari Grad

Funne: Sea dreaming Girls [Katia Bernardi / Italy, Croatia / 2016]Stari Grad Museum is proud to announce its co-operation with the KineDok project!

KineDok is a unique international project of seven European film organizations for alternative distribution of creative documentaries aimed at attracting a wider audience to documentaries, presenting authors and their films to audiences, and developing a dialogue on socially relevant topics.

In cooperation with the Restart organisation, KineDok in Croatia currently has 21 partners in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Karlovac, Pula, Umag, Bjelovar, Čakovec, Zabok, Varaždin, Križevci, Sinj, Požega, Dubrovnik, Metković and other places, and from now on in Stari Grad!

The first film on the programme is the 2016 Italian documentary film Funne: Sea Dreaming Girls (Funne: Le ragazze che sognavano il mare) directed by Katia Bernardi, on Thursday, February 28 at 7.30pm in the Stari Grad Cinema. This is the story of twelve eighty-year-old “girls” from a remote Italian mountain village, who decide to brave rheumatism, fears and economic crisis in order to go to Croatian seaside for the very first time. A journey into a community of women determined to do anything – even to pose for a calendar or challenge the Internet – just to dip their feet into the sea.

The entrance is free!


Watch the film trailer:


You can read more about the KineDok project HERE.