[EXHIBITION] Hvar island’s desserts

Hvar island's dessertsDear colleagues, associates and friends of the Stari Grad Museum,

we are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Hvar island’s desserts on Thursday, 3 August 2017 at 21h in the Stari Grad Museum.

The sweet island of Hvar is most definitely an interesting topic, not only for gourmands and bakers attracted to its tradition, but also for its museologists, and especially ethnographers and anthropologists of food. The history of dessert preparation is closely related to the island’s customs and the yearly cycle, a relationship unaltered to this day. Marica Buratović and Flora Turner Vučetić worked on island customs relating to sweet items and their history, and their knowledge was a great help in creating this exhibition. It is no coincidence that this exhibition is taking place during the fortieth anniversary of the paprenjok (“gingerbread”) exhibition at which Toni Politeo opened his gallery in Tvrdalj. This exhibition will cover all the traditional island sweets, including the occasional forgotten dessert available at the museum table. Such desserts include those our grandparents made – biša, kotonjoda, škanjate and cakes which to this day remain an essential part of all festivities – cviti, paprenjaci, hrustule, pašurate, bruštuloni omenduli and sweets as simple as dried figs or arancini (candied orange zest).

The exhibition will run until the end of August.

We look forward to your visit!