[EXHIBITION] Four Stari Grad artists of the 20th century

Dear friends and visitors of the Stari Grad Museum,
we are pleased to inform you that after several months of work, on the second floor of the Biankini Palace, a new permanent exhibition has been opened! An exhibition titled Four Stari Grad artists of the 20th century presents Stari Grad artists who marked the 20th century: Juraj Plančić, Bartol Petrić, Pavo Dulčić and Magda Dulčić.

As if he foresaw his quick end, Juraj Plančić (Stari Grad, 1899 – Paris, 1930) feverishly painted numerous oils in the three years of his life in Paris. The sensuality of his women, the joy of sailors and fishermen intoxicated with wine, the vitality of fish, cats, dogs and chickens in the Arcadian landscapes, flowering almonds and bright blue and golden skies in no way reveal the real life drama of a young, literally hungry painter in Paris. The early return of Bartol Petrić (Stari Grad, 1899 – Split, 1974) to the Dalmatian province slowed the development of this gifted painter and directed him to colourful, somewhat conventional drawings of Dalmatian landscapes. His opus is still being investigated, but even now the Museum holds some of the most beautiful ever painted panoramas of Stari Grad. Pavo Dulčić (Stari Grad, 1947 – Split, 1974) was a leader of a group that in 1968 painted the Split Peristyle in red, which was the first conceptual artistic act in Dalmatia. Magda Dulčić (Stari Grad, 1965 – Stari Grad, 2016) was a freelance artist, animator, illustrator and comic book author. She is the first female comic book author in Croatia; she has also been involved in illustrating books and picture books and has been awarded at many of the world’s animated film festivals.

The inauguration of the new exhibition will be held in September, when the accompanying publication will be presented, and by then we invite you to come and see the new permanent exhibition!