Night of Museums 2017 in Stari Grad MuseumWe invite you to celebrate with us the 12th Night of Museums which will take place on 27 January, beginning at 6pm.

Music, music giants and their impact on society is the theme of this year’s Night of Museums, so this year, in collaboration with Drago Radoslavić, we prepared a presentation about the Stari Grad Brass Orchestra (in Croatian it is the Croatian Town Music Stari Grad) called 140 years of Stari Grad’s Music. Since its beginnings until today, Stari Grad Brass Orchestra is an essential part of life of the Stari Grad. Founded in 1876 as Banda Cittadina, it’s still active, taking part in all the important events of its town. The presentation is a cross-section of the life and work of the Orchestra, during and between world wars, the post-war period, until today.

Then, the Ljubljana photographer Bojan Brecelj enters the scene with his Traces of MED Land Project. MED Land Project explores the Mediterranean islands’ identity and charisma, presents their potentials, patterns of survival, creativity and social tolerance, and Bojan will present the current course of the project.

Here’s what author says about it:

“It’s only two years back when I could anchor in Stari Grad with the wooden boat NALU that I use it for the project …I came from Venice and heading with the project to Greece and further on in Mediterranean… Stari Grad is the navel where two worlds, Venetian and Greek meet…The project is happening where I can anchor, where I am accepted and Stari Grad is the brightest exception, a source of many inspiring stories. From the first day in Stari Grad I have a continuing support from the Museum, Aldo and the whole team … so the Museum is the most important partner and motivation for the continuation of the project.”

In the end, our celebrants, the Orchestra will hold a concert with which we‘ll round off this evening.

As always, Stari Grad Museum’s permanent exhibition is open to all, so be sure to come to the Night of Museums! Admission is free!