[EXHIBITION] Jagoda Buić

Jagoda BuićWe invite you to the opening of the exhibition of Jagoda Buić on Tuesday, 6 September at 8.30pm in the Juraj Plančić Gallery of Stari Grad Museum. The exhibition will run until the end of September.

From the introduction to the exhibition (Tonko Maroević):
Presenting Jagoda Buić would not be easy even in a much larger area using works in various techniques which she tried and successfully proved herself. She is world renowned and well known as an artist who renewed the art of tapestry and gave it a contemporary and sculpturally sovereign creative expression. But, she is no less known as a costume and set designer as well as a theatre director who closely associates temporal and musical dimension of the plot with a complex spatial experience. The best thing to say is that Jagoda Buić is a highly original creative phenomenon with complete artistic sense and talent, with appropriate training and experience, acquired and tested in many places, proven and confirmed across the globe.

Jagoda Buić is coming to Stari Grad, a town of her ancestors, and (family and other) friends. She presents herself with the works of smaller dimensions and modest techniques, but works of an adequate Mediterranean inspiration and appropriate creative intensity. Even in smaller formats and unpretentious operations she confirms her size.

We look forward to your visit!