Programme of the central celebraton of 2400 years of Stari GradDear colleagues, associates and friends,

we are pleased to announce the central celebration of 2400 years since the foundation of Stari Grad!

According to reliable historic data, ancient Pharos, today’s Stari Grad on island Hvar, was founded in 384 BC. It was founded by Ionian Greek settlers, coming from the Cycladic island of Paros. The significance of Stari Grad and the Stari Grad Plain – Chora of Pharos is recognized at global level. Since 2008, the cultural landscape of Stari Grad Plain, the best preserved ancient Greek land division in the Mediterranean, and the historical centre of Stari Grad are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Layered history of Stari Grad with its many components is linked in a universal, but especially the Mediterranean region and context, with contributions from Greeks, Illyrians, Romans and many of the latter newcomers, and our town gave significant, often crucial, contribution to national culture, science, literature and art. In this regard, it is enough to mention the names of Petar Hektorović, Šime Ljubić, Juraj Biankini, Juraj Plančić.

The great celebration of 24 centuries since the known date of the foundation of Stari Grad has a national character, because this is the oldest confirmed creation date of any town in our country, and international component of the historical connection only adds meaning to this cause. The celebration is sponsored by the President of the Republic, Mrs. Grabar-Kitarović.

The central celebration takes place from 6th to 11th September 2016, when numerous events are planned – exhibitions, scientific conference, maritime festival, concerts and much more. The guest of honour is the delegation from the island of Paros, from which the founders of Pharos, today’s Stari Grad sailed 2400 years ago.