Islands Pharos & Paros - Millennial Mediterranean ConnectionsOn the occasion of the 2400th anniversary of the foundation of Pharos, today’s Stari Grad, with the help of the MEP Andrej Plenković and his colleague MEP Georgios Kyrtsos, on 4 April in the EU Parliament in Brussels a special event will take place – Islands Pharos & Paros – Millennial Mediterranean Connections. Presentation of Stari Grad and the island Hvar will begin with a round table which will be attended by Tonko Maroević, F.C.A., archaeologists Branko Kirigin and Sara Popović and oenologist Andro Tomić, followed by the opening of the Stari Grad Museum’s exhibition Hvar/A UNESCO island, with the performance of Faros Cantors and presentation of Hvar delicacies and wines.

Photography exhibition Hvar/A UNESCO island Stari Grad Museum organized in collaboration with three photographers, and it’s presenting all the richness of the island, which can truly be called a UNESCO island. With the Stari Grad Plain and historical centre of Stari Grad on the UNESCO List of world heritage sites, under the protection of UNESCO are two original Hvar intangible phenomena – the procession Following the Cross and agave lace making by Benedictine nuns from Hvar town, as well as a common heritage of the Mediterranean diet and klapa singing.