[EXHIBITION] Jewellery / From the Beginning

Miša Jelnikar: Jewellery // Ivana Petan: From the BeginningWe invite you to the opening of the exhibitions of Miša Jelnikar Jewellery and Ivana Petan From the Beginning on Friday, 7 August at 9pm in Stari Grad Museum. The exhibitions will remain open until the end of September.

From the introduction to the exhibition catalogue Jewellery (Vinko Srhoj):
Although her jewellery design is lean, modernistic and stylised to basic geometric shapes, its modernity closely complements the simplicity and leanness of prehistoric or medieval artistic presentation. Contemporary jewellery inspired by old forms, which we could see on the aforementioned travelling exhibition, indicates the forms that are eternal and not subject to artistic fashions and changes, such as spiral, ellipse or circle. These forms can be found at the prehistoric necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, as well as in the jewellery box of modern woman for which Miša Jelnikar designs. At the same time, by selecting jewellery made of silver (which Jelnikar otherwise prefers), a modern woman chooses, not so much the precious metal, but a good design, and uniqueness of small series.

From the introduction to the exhibition catalogue From the Beginning (Bojan Brecelj):
A new exhibition is creation of new creature that lives in a particular space and time, coherent in sound and sustained by processes related to the consciousness of the artist and for her experience of the space in which she operates. Arrival of inspiration, making ceramics, installation time – everything is the process of the incarnation, that during the exhibition does not remain static, but changes. The installation is living its life, which is associated with a wider area of the inner and outer cosmos. Previous exhibitions – ceramic installations by Ivana Petan are connected with one thing in common: the creation of a being that has its own unique mission.

We look forward to your visit!