[EXHIBITION] Untitled [Archive ST3]

Viktor Popović: Untitled [Archive ST3]We invite you to the opening of the exhibition of Viktor Popović Untitled [Archive ST3] on Thursday, 16 August at 9pm in the Juraj Plančić Gallery of Stari Grad Museum. The exhibition will remain open until 2 August.

From the introduction to the exhibition catalogue (Jasminka Babić):
One of the basic elements in the work of Split artist Viktor Popović is a redefinition of space. The artist approaches this problem in two ways – intervention at the formative level and work in the context of the space in which he exhibits. When the space responds on a formal basis, usually he transforms it with simple installations created on the tradition of minimalism. The second mode, as in the case of a new project Untitled [Archive ST3], includes a broader concept of space in which the artist switches his interest from formal characteristics to its context and reads it in a completely new way.

We look forward to your visit!