[CALL FOR APPLICATIONS] Photography Workshop “On the way of your project”

Photography Workshop On the way of your project

25 April – 3 May 2015

Stari Grad Museum

Bojan Brecelj – photography, photographic approach
David Tavčar – post-production, contemporary approaches to the preparation and processing of digital photographs

The workshop is run by two mentors – Bojan Brecelj who will guide you to the original approach to photography and David Tavčar who is in charge of processing photographs. Eight-day workshop will enable profound creation and socializing and talking about photography. The intent of the workshop is that everyone creates their own project, series, story…mentor is primarily one that directs how to recognize and develop one”s own original approach and attitude to their own work.

Thinking about approach and relation is the basis with which one enters the space, reacts and takes photographs more spontaneously, without any special considerations, with the whole body, emotionally, instinctively, intuitively… The workshop will take place in Stari Grad Museum (presentations, lectures) and photographing will be in the space offered by the island of Hvar, Stari Grad and Stari Grad Plain.

First three days will be devoted to experimenting with space and recognizing oneself in it. Photographic “documenting” of these elements will be specially annotated with a mentor every day. Next four days will be devoted to work on a personal project in which every individual will give a final, finished project (series of portraits, documentary series, reportage/story, series of photographs on the theme of space/architecture …)


  • to identify your own approach, introduce the concept of “original approach” that is reflected in the documentary, portrait, original, reportage/narrative…form
  • each participant edits their own photos, formulates a critical eye and creates a coherent photographic series in the agreement with the mentor and the desires and abilities of participant
  • each participant updates their knowledge of technology and approaches to image processing
  • during the workshop, each participant prepares photographic series for the final presentation

For all those who will successfully and to the mutual satisfaction experience this workshop, as a bonus, we offer tutoring at your next project via electronic media (e-mail, Skype, Web Gallery). Specifically, we believe that knowledge is experience, for it takes time.

At the end of the workshop a presentation of works will be organized in the Juraj Plančić Gallery of Stari Grad Museum. As a creative record of space and time, each participant will donate a series of three printed photographs to the Museum’s Photography Collection.

Detailed information about the application, equipment, registration fee, accommodation, etc. can be found HERE.

** Special conditions apply for islanders who are invited to contact us until 5 April (in person, by telephone or e-mail).