[EXHIBITION] Solfeggio for Color Harmonies

Davor Sanvincenti: Solfeggio for Color HarmoniesWe invite you to the opening of the exhibition Solfeggio for Color Harmonies by Davor Sanvincenti on Saturday, 20 July beginning at 9pm in the Juraj Plančić Gallery of Stari Grad Museum. The exhibition will run until 10 August.

Audiovisual installation Solfeggio for Color Harmonies develops and emerges as a study for the senses, a study for activating human condition through certain audiovisual wave frequencies. In its synthesis, this work touches both music therapy and neuroscience. It is conceived and designed according to acoustical and spatial specifics of the gallery. In such a large space, “painted wall” and sound frequencies strengthen their resonating power and thus favour the phenomenology of experience.

The visual record generated from black, which ends in 60 minutes the same way, makes the transition through the entire optical window and exposes the visitor to the full spectrum of visible light. Sound composition in 60 minutes uses numerical relationship in Solfeggio frequencies. The visitor is invited into the centre of the work, as an active presence in space and time.

We look forward to your visit!