[EXHIBITION] New permanent exhibition and lapidarium

Stari Grad Museum invites you to the opening of new permanent exhibition and lapidarium, on Friday, 10 July 2009 starting at 8pm in the garden of the Biankini palace.

Important changes were made to the permanent exhibition of two museum collections: Archaeological and Fine Arts collection. The first is on the first floor of the Biankini palace, and the other on the second. With this the museum finalised permanent display throughout the building.

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Exhibition concept: Sara Popović
Exhibition design: Sara Popović, Aldo Čavić, Nune Popović

Through three interconnected rooms, with texts in Croatian and English printed on the walls of the rooms, the history of Stari Grad area from prehistoric times to the early Middle Ages is presented through archaeological artefacts.

Two painters from Stari Grad: Juraj Plančić and Bartol Petrić
Exhibition concept: Aldo Čavić
Exhibition design: Viktor Popović

Two artists from Stari Grad, peers, born in 1899, Juraj Plančić and Bartol Petrić marked through their art, and Bartol Petric with his cultural work (founding of the Juraj Plančić Art collection in Stari Grad) 20th century in their hometown. Their different destinies, and consequently different artistic expression, are reflected through this exhibition.

Lapidarium with Early Christian mosaics
Exhibition concept: Aldo Čavić
Exhibition design: Radoslav Bužančić

In the garden of the Biankini palace, under an open roof built on the site of the former garden house, with old materials (brick) and the new stone pillars, located on the wall (as murals) are three mosaics from the Early Christian twin church of St John and St Mary. These mosaics were once a single composition of the Garden of Eden in the floor of the southern church of the Early Christian complex. The exhibition emphasizes the artistic component, the beauty of display and craftsmanship of motives, not the reconstruction of the original position of the mosaics.

We look forward to your visit!